Is My Company a Good Fit?

Companies usually join the Executives' Association to enhance and increase their market share. But representatives soon begin to learn that the relationships they develop between each other become as important. The comradeship becomes intertwined with reciprocity and trust for one another.

The Executives' Association of the Palm Beaches is more than just a networking association. It is the place you develop friendly relationships that you can always count on whenever the need arises. Large corporations, and even public utilities, join Execs because they learn that they have an abundance of quality services and products they can call upon when in need.

Close, warm friendships develop between members through the Association - friendships that last a lifetime. The philosophy that we prefer doing business with friends has never been more meaningful.

The Executives' Association of the Palm Beaches is highly selective in extending membership invitations. All prospective members must be sponsored by a current member and must exhibit high standards of professionalism and business ethics. A member firm is selected on the basis of its pronounced presence in the community, already established by reputation, and outstanding performance in its field. A further consideration for the privilege of membership would involve the proposed member firm's ability to provide the broadest business reciprocal appeal to fellow members.

Member firms are represented by individuals. To qualify as a representative of a member firm, an individual must be the principal of the organization (either the President or chief executive officer) or, in the case of a company based outside the area, the general or area manager in charge of this particular region.

Membership is by invitation only. However, membership is limited to one firm in each business or professional classification, and should a prospective member learn of an “open" classification, that company may apply for that classification. All applications are reviewed by membership committee members and board members prior to acceptance.

Classifications are protected, and competition between members is minimal.

If someone has been proposed for membership and wishes to become associated with the Association, the firm must have a sponsoring member firm and will be asked to complete a formal application and submit an entrance fee of $500.

There are two viewpoints to be considered for membership: from the perspective of the existing membership as a body, and from a new member's perspective with regard to the existing membership body. From each of these two categories, there are considerations measuring whether or not a prospective company should become a member, based upon his/her capability to contribute.

Members should have opportunities with any member company to fulfill the obligations of membership:

  • Give indirect leads, or referrals, from their client, vendor or employee base to the individual member company.

  • Do direct business with the individual member company.

  • Prospective member companies should have opportunities to reciprocate, and to:

  • Refer leads from their client, vendor or employee bases to at least the majority of existing member companies. It should be emphasized that the client base is most important to assure the widest "ripple effect" in the promotion of the businesses of the existing membership.

  • Do direct business with the existing member companies.

  • It's reasonable to conclude that if any prospective member fails to qualify in any two of the above four criteria, his or her company will be a marginal member of the Executives' Association, at best.