Membership Information


Basically, being a productive and effective member means knowing:

  • The other members
  • The other members' businesses: who's who, where they're located, why they're to be respected
  • What products and services the other members provide and why theirs are the products or services to be preferred
  • What kind of people buy the other members' products or services and under what circumstances
  • What information other members need for a good referral or lead

Responsibilities of Membership

An effective and productive member of the Executives' Association of the Palm Beaches is one who participates in all functions; one who knows what products and services others in the Association provide; and one who will follow through and give prompt, careful and capable attention to the requirements of the customer referred by another member. 


You accept the responsibility of representing your Company as a member firm of this Association.

Plan to:

  • Attend regularly scheduled breakfast meetings
  • Discover and pursue practical ways you can assist other members
  • Encourage, solicit and receive business from member firms
  • Provide business to other member firms whenever possible
  • Provide information and assistance to other member firms when requested
  • Give referrals and to act upon referrals received from other members
  • Furnish third-party leads received from other members
  • Recommend member firms to your own associates, employees, friends and family

The purpose of the Executives' Association is the referral, relating, and dissemination of information, which aids members in obtaining new business. 

Our mission is:

  • Support the Association in the growth of highly selective new members, representing organizational categories not yet filled
  • Recognize that submission of new business referrals and attendance are obligations
  • Continue to reaffirm our dedication to the tangible qualities of performance, integrity, quality and ethics in the business community, and the intangible qualities of friendship, companionship, and the sincere desire to benefit others
  • Understand that to succeed, it takes a special person, but even the very best needs the help of his fellow human beings
  • Help others recognize, by example, that the quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to his or her commitment to excellence, regardless of his or her chosen field of endeavor

Outstanding Sources ofQuality Services

Execs' members are an excellent source of supply. Only top companies in Palm Beach County are considered for membership.

Our membership roster is your best resource for the highest quality services and products because the owners of the businesses who are Execs' members know that quality is associated with consistency.

A client like you who is happy with the first buying experience needs to be equally happy on each further occasion. Or happier. Execs' members are known for their immediate attention to service and detail, and are ready to exceed your expectations


With the above information, you are in a better position to refer new business and in a better position to expect reciprocity.